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097 - Fullmetal Alchemist - Wrath/Dante - "Theory of Sin V."

Title: Theory of Sin V.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Characters: Wrath, Dante.
Rating: R.
Genre: Angst/Drama
Notes: Don't we all love that kid?

Theory of Sin.

Wrath is always a dangerous Sin. He is never passive as Sloth, or raucous as Envy, or temperamental like Greed, or calculative like Lust, or loyal like Pride, or inane like Gluttony.

No, Wrath has always been unpredictable.

From the first one, whose bipolar personality made him the perfect asseissin one second and the most pious monk the next and drove me to eventually get rid of him, to the second to last one. That particular specimen had been problematic even while he had been alive and he never quite accomodated to my needs, thus, he had to be dispatched.

So when Envy suggested to leave the child-monster alone and let him grow out of the precarious first stages on his own, I had to admit it was a good idea. I was a few Sins short, of course, but on the upper hand, I had no troubles controlling those that were active and more than one successful mission was performed on that time.

Unfortunately, rather sooner than I expected them to, his sons entered the picture, and I needed my child-monster to work for me.

Wrath has always been the most capricious of all Sins.

He is selfish and whinning and clinging and entirely too uncouth, always doing what he wanted and too damn reckless to be forced into submission and simple orders.

Wrath has always been the most dangerous of my Sins.

...which is why this child with mismatched limbs and broken memories of crying and the Gate could outwit me enough that I am here, prison of my own creation, while he runs free in the world, reckless, wild... untamed.
Tags: fanfiction, theory of sin series

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