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095 - Fullmetal Alchemist - Gluttony/Dante - "Theory of Sin III."

Title: Theory of Sin III.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Characters: Gluttony, Dante.
Rating: R.
Genre: Angst/Drama
Notes: Third Sin, Gluttony! I can resume this drabble with a big WTF. Do we notice the possessiveness pattern? Good. Wrote this after a big piss off moment. Not actually expecting it to make much sense.

Theory of Sin.

He's my child. He's really my child. Mine. No one else's but mine.

Clumsy and simple minded and stupid, but useful. Oh so useful... Better than an independent brat who constantly forgets I am his master. Or legions of unstable Homunculi with remains of their mortal selves still in their minds, torturing them with what they cannot touch.

He's not such.

He's perfect.

Perfectly oblivious of the world around him, centered only in being what I wanted him to be, what I intended him to be. He's perfectly mindless, seeking guidance. Perfectly fit to obey without question, because he has no memories of morals to stop him.

His silly infatuation with Lust can be bearable, only because she's loyal to me and he's loyal to me and they can't do anything if I don't want them to.

I chose each part of him carefully, every form in his body with perfection in mind. I wanted him to be the embodiment of the ultimate need. I planned everything about him, from his mind to his shape to his instincts to his natural helplessness.

I made him so.

He's my sin. Delicately designed to fit my purpose. But first and foremost, mine.
Tags: fanfiction, theory of sin series

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